2016 Itinerary

Whilst some parts of the trip are planned and fixed well in advance due to worries about availability and having to get visas, many others will evolve as the trip progresses.  So this is a guide to where I will be and when, sometimes with a lot of detail and sometimes with nothing more than a vague idea.  Every now and then I’ll update it with what I actually did.

Week 1 (28th April – 4th May)

28th April – Flew from Nelson, New Zealand to Los Angeles, California

29th April – Hung out in Los Angeles

30th April – Flew from Los Angeles, California to Eugene, Oregon (stayed a nearby town)

1st May – Drove from Creswell, Oregon to Gold Beach, Oregon via Redwood Highway

2nd May – Drove from Gold Beach, Oregon to Rockaway Beach, Oregon

3rd May – Drove from Rockaway Beach, Oregon to Ocean Shores, Washington

4th May – hung out in Ocean Shores

Week 2 (5th to 11th May)

5th May – Drove from Ocean Shores, Washington to Forks Washington via a visit to Neah Bay.

6th May – Drove from Forks, Washington to Seattle airport then took a midnight flight to Dallas Fort Worth airport.

7th May – Flew from Dallas Fort Worth airport to Little Rock, Arkansas

8th May – Hung out in Little Rock

9th May – Drove from Little Rock to Paris, Tennessee via Graceland in Memphis

10th May – Drove from Paris, Tennessee to Elizabethtown, Kentucky

11th May – Drove from Elizabethtown, Kentucky to Roanoake, Virginia

Week 3 (12th to 18th May)

12th May – Drove from Roanoake, Virginia to Galax, Virginia via part of Blue Ridge Parkway

13th May – Drove from Glax, Virginia to Waynesville, North Carolina via Blue Ridge Parkway

14th May – Drove from Waynesville, North Carolina to Newnan, Georgia

15th May – Drove from Newnan, Georgia to Troy, Alabama

16th May – Drove from Troy, Alabama to Biloxi, Mississippi

17th May – Drove from Biloxi, Mississippi to Vicksburg, Mississippi via western side of the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

18th May – Rest day in Vicksburg, Mississippi

 Week 4 (19th to 25th May)

19th May – Drove from Vicksburg, Mississippi to Little Rock, Arkansas

20th May – With friends in Little Rock, Arkansas

21st May – Flew from Little Rock, Arkansas to Dallas Fort Worth Airport

22nd May – Flew from Dallas Fort Worth Airport to Miami, drove to Key West, Florida

23rd May – Drove from Key West, Florida to Stuart, Florida

24th May – Drove from Stuart, Florida to Flagler Beach, Florida

25th May – Drove from Flagler Beach, Florida to Port Royal, South Carolina

Week 5 (26th May to 1st June)

26th May – Drove from Port Royal, South Carolina to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

27th May – Drove from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

28th May – Drove from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina to Suffolk, Virginia via Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

29th May – Drove from Suffolk, Virginia to Charlottesville, Virginia

30th May – Drove from Charlottesville, Virginia to Front Royal, Virginia

31st May – Drove from Front Royal, Virginia to Newark, Delaware via Gettysburg & Amish Country in Pennsylvania.

1st June – Drove from Newark, Delaware to Old Saybrook, Connecticut via Toms River, New Jersey (to see a friend!)

Week 6 (2nd to 8th June)

2nd June – Drove from Old Saybrook, Connecticut to Bow, New Hampshire via Cape Cod, Massechusetts

3rd June – Drove from Bow, New Hampshire to Lincolnville Beach, Maine

4th June – Drove from Lincolnville Beach, Maine to Bangor, Maine via West Quaddy Head Lighthouse

5th June – Drove from Bangor, Maine to Burlington, Vermont

6th June – Drove from Burlington, Vermont to Watertown, New York

7th June – Drove from Watertown, New York to Erie, Pennsylvania

8th June – Drove from Erie, Pennsylvania to Bowling Green, Ohio

Week 7 (9th to 15th June)

9th June – Drove from Bowling Green, Ohio to Ludington, Michigan

10th June – Ferry from Ludington, Michigan to Mantowac, Wisconsin then drove to Iron Mountain, Michigan.

11th June – Drove from Iron Mountain, Michigan to Cloquet, Minnesota

12th June – Drove from Cloquet, Minnesota to East Grand Forks, Minnesota

13th June – Drove from East Grand Forks, Minnesota to Watford City, North Dakota

14th June – Drove from Watford City, North Dakota to Gillette, Wyoming

15th June – Drove from Gillette, Wyoming to Cody, Wyoming

Week 8 (16th to 22nd June)

16th June – Drove the Beartooth Highway as a day trip from Cody Wyoming.

17th June – Took a day tour to Yellowstone National Park (South Loop) from Cody, Wyoming

18th June – Drove from Cody, Wyoming to Great Falls, Montana

19th June – Drove from Great Falls, Montana to Kalispell, Montana

20th June – Drove a loop through Glacier National Park then returned to Kalispell

21st June – Drove from Kalispell, Montana to Ellensburg, Washington

Week 9 (22nd to 29th June)

22nd June – much needed ‘Duvet Day’ in Ellensburg, Washington

23rd June – drove from Ellensburg, Washinton to Bend, Oregon

24th June – drove from Bend, Oregon to Yreka, California via Crater Lake National Park

25th June – rest day in Yreka, starting to prep for departure to Russia

26th June – drove from Yreka, California to Fortuna, California

27th June – drove from Fortuna, California to Fort Bragg, California via Avenue of the Giants

28th June – drove from Fort Bragg, California to Sacramento, California

29th June – madly shopping  and re-packing in Sacramento for Trans-Siberian trip

Week 10 (30th June to 6th July)

30th June – drove from Sacramento to San Francisco Airport to drop off the car

1st July – flew from San Francisco to Seoul Incheon

2nd July – arrive Incheon, overnight at airport.

3rd July – flew from Seoul Incheon to Vladivostok

4th July – in Vladivostok prepping for train trip

5th July – depart Vladivostok on Trans-Siberian Railway for Irkutsk

6th July – on train

Week 11 (7th to 13th July)

7th July – on train

8th July – arrive Irkutsk

9th July – depart Irkutsk for Yekaterinburg

10th July – on train

11th July – arrive Yekaterinburg

12th July – depart Yekaterinburg for St Petersburg

13th July – on train

Week 12 (14th to 20th July)

14th July – arrive St Petersburg

15th July – depart St Petersburg for Helsinki (by train)

16th July – Helsinki

17th July – fly from Helsinki to London

18th July – London

19th July – London

20th July – London

Week 13 (21st to 27th July)

21st to 25th July – London

26th July – Flew London to Copenhagen

27th July – Flew Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq

Week 14 (28th July to 3rd August)

28th July – Kangerlussuaq

29th July – Kangerlussuaq

30th July – Flew Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk, boarded Sarfaq Ittuk ferry

31st July – Sarfaq Ittuk ferry

1st August – Arrived Illulissat on Sarfaq Ittuk ferry

2nd August – Flew Illulissat to Reykjavik

3rd August – Flew Reykjavik to London

Week 15 (4th to 10th August)

4th August – London

5th August – Flew London to Johannesburg

6th August – Flew Johannesburg to Cape Town

7th August – Overland truck from Cape Town to Cederberg area, South Africa

8th August – Overland truck from Cederberg area to Gariep River, South Africa

9th August – Overland truck from Gariep River to Fish River Canyon, Namibia

10th August – Overland truck from Fish River Canyon to Sesriem, Namibia

Week 16 (11th August to 17th August)

11th August – Sesriem

12th August – Overland truck from Sesriem to Swakopmund, Namibia

13th August – Swakopmund, Namibia

14th August – Overland truck from Swakopmund to Brandburg, Namibia

15th August – Overland truck from Brandburg to Etosha National Park, Namibia

16th August – Game drive in Etosha National Park

17th August – Game drive in Etosha National Park

Week 17 (18th August to 24th August)

18th August – Overland truck from Etosha National Park to Grootfontein, Namibia

19th August – Overland truck from Grootfontein to Divundu, Namibia

20th August – Overland truck from Divundu to Maun, Botswana

21st August – Jeep and canoe from Maun to Okavango Delta, Botswana

22nd August – Okavango Delta

23rd August – Canoe and jeep from Okavango Delta to Maun, Botswana

24th August – Overland truck from Maun to Kasane, Botswana

Week 18 (25th August to 31st August)

25th August – Game drive from Kasane to Chobe National Park, Botswana

26th August – Game drive then overland truck from Chobe National Park to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

27th August – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

28th August – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

29th August – Overland truck from Victoria Falls to Kasane, Botswana

30th August – Overland truck from Kasane to Livingstone, Zambia

31st August – Overland truck from Livingstone to Lusaka, Zambia

Week 19 (1st to 7th September)

1st September – Overland truck from Lusaka to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

2nd September – Overland truck from South Luangwa National Park to Chipata, Zambia

3rd September – Overland truck from Chipata to Kande Beach, Malawi

4th September – Kande Beach, Lake Malawi

5th September – Overland truck from Kande Beach to Chitimba, Malawi

6th September – Overland truck from Chitimba to Iringi, Tanzania

7th September – Overland truck from Iringi to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Week 20 (8th to 14th September)

8th September – Ferry from Dar es Salaam to Stone Town, Zanzibar

9th September – Zanzibar

10th September – Zanzibar

11th September – Ferry from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

12th September – Overland truck from Dar es Salaam to Pangani, Tanzania

13th September – Overland Truck from Pangani to Arusha, Tanzania

14th September – Jeep from Arusha to Karatu, Tanzania

Week 21 (15th to 21st September)

15th September – Game drive from Karatu to Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

16th September – Game drive from Serengeti National Park to Arusha, Tanzania

17th September – Overland truck from Arusha to Nairobi, Kenya

18th September – Flew from Nairobi to London via Abu Dhabi

19th to 21st September – London

Week 22 (22nd to 28th September)

22nd to 23rd September – London

24th to 28th September – Bromsgrove

Week 23 (29th September to 5th October)


Week 24 (6th to 12th October)


Week 25 (13th to 19th October)

13th to 16th October – London

17th October – Flew London to Sofia, Bulgaria

18th & 19th October – Sofia

Week 26 (20th to 26th October)

20th to 22nd October – Sofia

23rd October – Fly Sofia to Doha, Qatar for a transit stop

24th October – Fly Doha to Colombo, Sri Lanka for a transit stop

25th October – Fly Colombo to Auckland, New Zealand via Kuala Lumpur

26th October – Fly Auckland to Nelson, New Zealand



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