Africa Overland: An Overview

When I was young child in the 1980’s I discovered a giant 1960’s Readers Digest world atlas floating around the house that had belonged to my late uncle.  I grew up on a reasonably remote New Zealand dairy farm tucked away in a small valley surrounded by steep hills.  Our one TV channel broadcast shows from America and the UK that showed a life very different to ours.  So when I found the atlas I started by pouring over maps of the UK and Europe wondering what life was like for ‘normal people’ where the TV shows came from.  Gradually I started exploring the rest of the world through this atlas, trying to link it to David Attenborough documentaries and historical British colonial and World War Two dramas.  Eventually I’d just explore it for fun.  I’d find a country on the map and wonder what it looked like, what people did and what kind of adventures I might have there.  I’d often sit on a nearby beach and wonder what was at the end of the ocean.  I’d look at hills I hadn’t been over and wonder what was on the other side of them.  Unfortunately I never grew out of that and have been destined to living a life of always wondering what it is like somewhere else, never fully able to comprehend just staying in one place forever.

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