Do’s & Don’ts For Independent Travel in New Zealand

Before I finish seven glorious months of doing absolutely nothing in Nelson, New Zealand and drag my well-rested self around the world, I thought I should write something about the place I call home. So I’m getting up on my soap box and sounding off about what I consider to be some of the key mistakes travelers make when it comes to New Zealand, rounded off with the top ten experiences I think everyone should have in my beloved Aotearoa. I’m dressing this all up as inside knowledge so read on to be in the know and we’ll start with the don’ts…

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Ultralight Packing Guide: Make-up

I’m sorry that my first post on this subject only applies to people who wear make-up.  It’s just that I’m feeling very smug about the small size of my make-up kit so it seemed like a good subject to start off with.  I will be posting about pretty much every aspect of my new packing obsession as I go along as well as updates on how things did or did not work out.

For now here is the lowdown on my crazily compact make-up masterpiece along with a photo of the bag in question.  Prepare to be impressed. Continue reading “Ultralight Packing Guide: Make-up”