In 2016 I began a 6-month journey around our planet.  I’d spent the last 10-years crisscrossing the globe on business trips and whilst that could be gruelling, I had some incredible experiences.  I have visited over 50 countries and had often passed the time on long haul flights looking out the window at landscapes we’d race over.  I’d wonder what it was like down there, how people lived and what I was missing out on.

Over time I created a fairly outlandish list in my head of the things I’d do if I ever had several months to travel rather than a few weeks annual vacation.  Whilst I couldn’t fit everything in, that is essentially what this journey was about.  I blogged about every place I visited, always trying to give a deeper insight than just listing off the things I saw and the people I met.

I invite you to browse through some of the posts and encourage you to start writing your own travel dreams list, no matter how crazy it seems right now, because you never know if you might be lucky enough to check some things off it one day…

In August 2016 I set off on a trip that would fulfil a long-held dream to travel overland through Africa. Whilst London to Cape Town had been the route I’d always wanted to take, that just wasn’t going to be feasible this time.  Instead, I booked a 6-week overland camping journey from Cape Town to Nairobi with Africa Travel Co. It was an incredible trip that took in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania before concluding in Kenya.  Click here to read my posts from that wonderful trip through my favourite continent.

I first spotted this mysterious land from about 37,000ft on a flight from London to Los Angeles.  I made up my mind that one day I’d visit to find out how people lived, and whether it looked as impressive from the ground as it did from the air.  What I found was incredible landscapes, a local people trying desperately adjust to a relatively new way of life, and clear visual evidence of climate change.  Click here to read my posts about the land of giant icebergs and polar bears.

When you come from a tiny island nation like New Zealand, it is impossible to imagine one country covering a vast continent.  When I studied the Russian Revolution in high school, I became fascinated with this place and how a single railway line was built to cross an entire continent.  One day I just had to make that journey.  I flew over the Pacific from the USA to Vladivostok via Seoul, then made a 15-day train journey to St Petersburg and on to Helsinki in Finland.  I loved it!  Click here to read about my trans-Siberian adventure.


From cultural centres like New York and Los Angeles to the roadside diners of the Southwest; America is a land of contrast and diversity.  I’d already travelled the country extensively, and lived in New Mexico for five years, yet I wanted to fulfil a childhood dream of taking to the road for several months to explore this crazy, beautiful place.  I spent 9-weeks driving solo and mostly avoiding cities, so that I could better understand the range of landscapes and regional cultures that make up the USA.  And I still don’t feel like I’ve seen even half of this massive place.  Click here to read about my American roadtrip.